The Climate Action Lab

at UC San Diego

Our mission is to reduce global heating by changing human behavior. We are social scientists—economists, psychologists, urban planners, political scientists, anthropologists, and more. We conduct applied research to test what leads people to change their minds about the climate, and what leads them to change their actions. We put these insights to work in partnership with communities and policymakers.


Do you want to be part of real, human-centered, community-based solutions to our climate (justice) crisis, solutions that go beyond technological fixes to deeper human, cultural, and systems changes?

Apply to the inaugural class of the 2022 UCSD Climate Action Scholars!

The Climate Action Scholars Program (CASP) is a 2-quarter, 12-unit course series that will be offered winter and spring (one 6-unit class each quarter). The program welcomes students from all disciplines and backgrounds. Applications welcome until October 17th or until we reach the registration limit.

Full details here.


The physical Climate Action Lab space is part of the Public Engagement building of the North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood. The lab is home to research, teaching, and public engagement around social science responses to the climate crisis.


The Climate Champions Virtual Summit on May 22 connected K-12 educators and community members with climate-related learning, networking, and resource-sharing opportunities. Here's a description of the event.


The Climate Action Lab announces a new collaboration to develop and implement climate curriculum in public K-12 classrooms. Climate Champions is a partnership with the Center For Research On Educational Equity, Assessment & Teaching Excellence (CREATE) and the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. See more here.


The Climate Action Lab is delighted to announce the creation of the Earth Healers Award. The award is given in honor of Alice Parish and other strong women who have cared for the land and loved the earth. The award is made possible by the generosity of Steve Parish and her family, and is given to students, organizations, or members of the public in recognition of their efforts to care for the earth and protect the planet. Students in the Climate Action Scholars Program will nominate the recipients of this annual award.


The Anthropology Department is offering a new Major in Climate Change and Human Solutions.


The Climate Solutions Collective held its inaugural Summit on February 21, 2020 at UC San Diego. The event featured 10 speakers giving TED-style talks, each providing hands-on solutions for climate issues. The speakers included regional leaders and UC San Diego faculty, such as Richard Carson of Economics, Fonna Forman of Political Science and the Center on Global Justice, and Adam Aron, of Psychology. You can see all the talks here.