The Climate Action Lab

at UC San Diego

Current Projects

A two-quarter practicum in community-based climate action. Details. Apply here.

Creating Climate Champions

Boosting K-12 climate education to grow a new generation of climate champions

What inspires Collective Action?

The psychology of what makes people decide to act on their beliefs

Climate Solutions Collective Summit

The Climate Solutions Collective (a joint project of Muir College and Environmental Studies) featured 10 speakers giving TED-style talks, each providing hands-on solutions for climate issues. The speakers included regional leaders and UC San Diego faculty, such as Richard Carson of Economics, Fonna Forman of Political Science and the Center on Global Justice, and Adam Aron, of Psychology. You can see all the talks here.

California Heritage Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Professor Isabel Rivera-Collazo is leading the development of a cultural heritage climate change vulnerability assessment tool for California

Sustainability Practices for Mitigating the Social, Ecological, and Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change

The Dreaming Indigenous Futures working group facilitates research activities amongst a growing global community of Indigenous scholars, sharing best practices to create a living repository that revitalizes Indigenous wisdom of ecosystem guardianship for global challenges related to climate change adaptation.